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Beverage Catering Services

We are a beverage catering service based out of Columbia, MO.  We can provide you with a variety of non-alcoholic beverages and beverage services at your event.

We also offer bartenders by the hour to mix your drinks at your events.  We have worked at weddings, house parties, fundraisers, and many other venues.

Bartenders by the Hour

Our bartenders serve and mix your alcohol and your drinks at your events.  We do not provide alcoholic beverages for sale.  We provide talented bartenders to mix your alcohol into hand-crafted cocktails.

Don't have a bar at your event?  No problem.  We provide bartenders, with or without a mobile bar.

Browse our site to learn more about us, or contact us now to request an estimate for your event.

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Columbia, MO

We are based out of Columbia, MO.  However, with payment in advance we are willing to provide beverage catering services to all of Mid-Missouri.  Contact us for details and to discuss your event.

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